50+ Years in the Making

Cousin Charlotte from Virginia navigating the cramped kitchen

There was a time when we had a full Stackable Washer/Dryer  in the kitchen.  It's only 14 x 6 but it packed a punch.

Then after many years, a lot of saving and the big jump I had a kitchen make-over.

Photo credit: Kelly Marshall
February 1, 2021 began with a snow storm and a editorial bang.  I was so excited and surprised to talk to Ms. Wendy Goodman from Curbed/New York Magazine.  Based on her acute sense of style and design, I was WOWED that she found her way to my little Brooklyn Oasis.  With A LOT of help from interior designer Keita Turner of Keita Turner Design and Livy and Neva, her pillow design company....a story all it's own, built from her inspirational Grandmothers). 
So honored to be in Curbed, read more, Tour a Vibrant Reimagining of a Mid- 60's Co-Op
Photo Credit: Kelly Marshall
The behind the scenes view from the Photo Shoot
You can check out some of my journey with my old new apartment.

My Finished Mural
My Old New Chairs


  • Elisabeth Sloan

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the history and vibrant colors.

  • Cassandra

    Thank you Margie I feel so loved, thank you for appreciating my personal style!

  • Margie

    Just read the NY Magazine story on you and your fabulous apartment. Then googled and discovered your wonderful fashion design. What a breath of fresh-air and joy. You have great taste and powerful design skills. Thanks for making the world more beautiful.

  • Cassandra

    Thank you Sharon, for stopping by and yes those days of those beautiful gifts. Bedford Stuyvesant has changed a bit, but still bursting with creativity.

  • Sharon Hammond

    I’m happy to see that you are still sharing your gifts with the world, your home is beautiful. I miss the days when we created gifts in the Bed-Styv. I have great memories from Halsey Street and all the creative people that came by.

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