You Are Invited to a Wedding

This is a public event
Optional: Dress in your historic finery
Lana Turner from Harlem, wants to recreat a historic day in American history, the wedding of #annamurraydouglass and #frederickdouglass. They were originally married on 36 Lispenard Street, in lower Manhattan September 15,1838.

Anna Murray was the first of her siblings born free. She was married to Frederick Douglass for 44 years and they had 5 children. SHE was instrumental in his buying Mr. Douglass’s freedom, borrowing a freedman’s protection certificate from a friend and a sailor’s suit sewn by Anna. They were married in the home of David Ruggles.

There is so much more we don’t know about the abolitionist/wife/Mother/American. This event is a gift to Anna Murray Douglass.

Unlike the original wedding in 1838, this is a public event and you are all invited.

Event: 36 Lispenard Street 4pm

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