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Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

My apartment has been undergoing a change. In 2017 I had my kitchen done over (See kitchen make-over here  It was quite a big project.  The designer was Keita Turner (  This has morphed into an ongoing project and much needed surgery for this apartment.   Although Keita and I both took photos via cell phones and point and shoots, she needed professional photos.  Keita created a block buster team and below is a short clips of the day. Keita also wore for a silk patchwork tunic (see more dresses here Photographer: Kelly Marshall Photographer Assistant: Jamie Ellington Interior Designer: Keita Turner Stylist: Helen Quinn Stylist Assistant: Nina Katan Make-up Artist: Keanda NYC...

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Red Black and Green Challenge

I am asking designers to create….photography, Fine art, wearable art,Fiber arts, Interior design, Beauty, make up and hair, and any other art form.using the Liberation colors Red, Black, and Green. Show off your creativity with no restrictions, be bold, and proud. Photograph/video the process, post it on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook….and any other social network you are on. Using the hashtags: #cbheritagedesignchallenge#heritagedesignchallenge#redblackandgreendesignchallenge#redblackandgreendesignPost the finished project this July 4th - July 5th. SAY IT LOUD…..CREATIVELY. Cassandra Bromfield The Flag was created by The Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL) formally adopted it on August 13, 1920. Known as the UNIA flag, Afro-American flag, Black Liberation flag, Marcus Garvey Flag, and many other names. The three colors represent: red: the blood that...

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Lemon French Dressing

Here's an easy salad dressing recipe for a summer salad, Lemon French Dressing. Eating more salads, but still want some dressing. This Lemon French Dressing is an easy one. I don't know the calorie for this, but it is more like a vinaigrette dressing. I may try it again adding herbs like Tarragon, for now this is the a basic dressing found in an old cook book, Cooking for American Homemaking. It was part of the Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook, published in 1964 Lemon French Dressing Recipe 1/2 teaspoon Salt Few Sprinkles of Cayenne Pepper (you can add more for your personal tasted) 1/2 cup of Olive Oil 1/2 cup of Lemon Juice f ew pieces of lemon skin...

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