How Much It Matters

Sarah, Ivana, Grace first interview in February

Back in February I got an email from Grace Remington, who stated she and her colleagues were creating a documentary on Lindsay Park.  Believing the email was spam, I responded, but not hitting reply, I created a separate email.....that she never got.  Grace is a true researcher and she called me.  After we talked I resent her an email containing many, maaaaaany, maaaaaaaaaaaaaany videos that I have done about Lindsay Park.  I gave her a link to my 8 MM Project (go ahead I dare you to look) and a link to my other playlist Lindsay Park Williamsburg Brooklyn.  To my surprise......she viewed them.


I have lived with photos for years, my Mother M.Elaine Bromfield, was a documentarian, of sorts.  All my life she took photos.....she even said she would have liked a camera present during my birth, but at that time that wasn't allowed.  Looking back now I think she thought it was important to chronicle us, her, people...etc, we were here and it matters.

Flying into Puerto Rico early 60's

She got a 8 MM movie camera in the early 60's.  I believe the first movies she made were when we lived in Puerto Rico. Right up through the mid 70's we filmed picnics, events, and just stuff......then the camera was retired to the closet along with the rolls of developed movies never to be seen again.

Then I discovered DIJIFI, a Brooklyn based company, that would digitally transfer my film.  My 8 MM Project was born and so I would get my inner Director on.  Editing the movies with music and graphics telling old stories new ways.  I discovered My Mother's Eye, how clever  and creative she was, looking through the was like I met her in a whole new way.

Fast forward to Grace Remmington, Ivana Hucikova, and Sarah Keeling.  Over a period of a few months, I have been interviewed, filmed, sound recorded, photos scanned and the documentary How Much it Matters, will be screened on June 10th in Sternberg Park.


UnionDocs Collaborative Preview in the Park

Saturday June 10th, 2017

7:30 pm - 3 am

(Yeah Filmmakers like to party)

Sternberg Park between Lorimer Street, Montrose Ave, Boerum Street.


Union Docs


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  • Willda Shaw Jackson

    Congratulations Sandy. Job well done. I wish I could be there. Willda

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