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The Sketchbook Project

One Thursday a friend invited me to The Brooklyn Art Library, which has nothing to do with the Public Library.  It is a completely creative experience. They have over 40,000 sketchbooks on their shelves and 20,000 in their digital library.   The day we were there, they were preparing for a wedding, which was unique because it was a Thursday afternoon....not even after couple, to save lots of money. The staff were great and they answered many questions.  It was a great place to get inspiration and also leave a little of your own.

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Once Upon a Time...

Once Upon a time, we thought we ruled the world.  We were talented, had ideas, and little to NO money....but that didn't stop us. In 1996 4 designers got together and we decided to put on a fashion show a Brooklyn, Bedford Stuyvesant backyard... We invited everyone, via word of mouth and postcards.   Our friends and family came and supported us...... The designers Cassandra Bromfield: http://cassandra-bromfield.myshopify....Bryan K. Osburn: Fleetwood: McDonald passed away in 2008. Her spirit and creativity lives on.....

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How Much It Matters

 Sarah, Ivana, Grace first interview in February Back in February I got an email from Grace Remington, who stated she and her colleagues were creating a documentary on Lindsay Park.  Believing the email was spam, I responded, but not hitting reply, I created a separate email.....that she never got.  Grace is a true researcher and she called me.  After we talked I resent her an email containing many, maaaaaany, maaaaaaaaaaaaaany videos that I have done about Lindsay Park.  I gave her a link to my 8 MM Project (go ahead I dare you to look) and a link to my other playlist Lindsay Park Williamsburg Brooklyn.  To my surprise......she viewed them.   I have lived with photos for years,...

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