Skirt Stories: Making Biscuts With GG Rose

She loved her Great Grandma Rose, she was wise beyond her years and youthful beyond her numbers....She just loved her.
Many Sundays after church she and GG Rose would bake together.   These afternoons were filled with cooking techniques, family stories and life tips.    This Sunday she decided to wear Rose's favorite color skirt, purple.  When they got into the kitchen GG commented how beautiful her skirt was and she twirled around like giddy little girl for GG to take it all in....."Baby you better take that off if you don't want to get that skirt all dirty...I've got something you can put on while we bake."
Rose gave her a weather worn cotton skirt, carefully hung up the purple silk organza skirt, and they began to bake.
They usually finished up with a cup of tea accompanied by a few biscuits that didn't make the cut, but this Sunday GG had something to do....She bagged up her portion of biscuits and what seemed like a little bit of a rush, she hugged and kissed GG goodbye and was on her way.
On the train ride home she looked down at her bag of homemade goodies........HEY WAIT A that moment she realized she was still wearing the weather worn cotton skirt.....she smiled "GG Rose stole my skirt".

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