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Creative Class Photo

  We had a great time at the sale weekend.  Below are our class photo from Week 1 with the Harlem for the Holidays.  Week one done, more to come the 2 more weekends and don't miss it.  Thanks to Mr. Hollis (read more about this exciting photographer here) and thank you to our Hosts Shimoda Accessories and Gadson Gallery. In attendance Sweet Octavia, Pat Mabry, LaTrella Thornton, Art from the Planet, Chi Mack There are more with new artists, this weekend Dec 15 and 16th at 225 West 134th street in Harlem. For more info 212-694-0262  

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Let's Be Decent

We've been missing something for a long time, common decency.  Not sure where it went or why, but I see less of it these days. Before you think present government administration has played a part in this thinking, STOP IT! Long before this government, there has been a slow decline of thoughtfulness, good manners, civility, and respect. I can't say who or what I blame this on, but indecent behavior is celebrated and rewarded.  So we get more of that. When I was a kid, so it was a looooooooong time ago, in my local supermarket.  An elderly woman was in front of me and I can't remember what the problem was, but I was not having it. It was...

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