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Cooking and Talking In My Kitchen

I am starting something new on my You Tube Channel, Cooking and Talking in My Kitchen.  My first guest was a student chef enrolled in Johnson and Wales University.  Alexandra has loved baking she used to help out her Aunt Paula who made pies and cakes.  She learned about tools and measuring.  We...I mean she made biscuits and Honey butter.  She is quite a baker and is on her way to do great things in the culinary world. One more thing at about 1:21, I mean to say CAKE Decoration not CALE Decoration

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Saks Fifth Ave 2018 Holiday Windows

Saks 5th Ave always has this "Disney like" light display set to music. The first few years they did this, the music that was used was Mannheim Steamroller, Carol of the Bells. This year it was 'No Business Like Show Business'. Even in the rain, the viewers gathered to look up at the building every 15 minutes, ending with thundering applause. This is Christmastime in NYC, nothing will dampen our spirits. The windows for Saks was fashion, dreaming, and show business. lovely jewel tones. Like most starlets, they love a bead, bauble and a rock that cuts glass.

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As I was walking down 5th Ave, I passed the Marble Church (, the fence around the church was covered with orange ribbons.  As beautiful as it was to see these colorful ribbons flapping in the wind was, they symbolized a more regrettable fact....Gun Violence has killed more than 12,000 people since Columbine, more than 1600 were children and teens. " On Saturday, October 13, 2018, Marble Collegiate Church unveiled its new ribbon initiative, Prayers of Remembrance and Peace. A few words were spoken from their Senior Minister, Dr. Michael Bos and was followed by guests and officials tying the names of Gun Violence Victims on the church’s fence. On Sunday, October 14, after the 11:00am Worship service, our congregation...

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