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Vintage Vogue Pattern Re-dux

I had been wanting to get into remaking some of my vintage patterns. This coat pattern has been floating around and finally I decided to do it. The pattern was tattered old and disintegrating even as I unfolded the instructions. So I copied the pattern onto pattern paper, made some changes to the pattern and made the coat. The fabric is an embroidered floral fabric, patchworked with coordination silk satin and other embroidered fabrics. Also embellished with silk flowers and beads. The coat is fully lined. One of a kind coat can be purchased here

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Winter Brides TV Show 1995

Taking a trip waaaay back to 1995. It's 10 years before You Tube and 9 Years before Facebook. At that time you could buy time on a cable access or even a public TV network. Some of the boroughs of NYC couldn't get the station so people made video tapes and sold them.The BCD In Style was a company dedicated to the local creatives, although they didn't seem to last their passion for the independent creatives was so appreciated.  The Sound and picture quality is challenging, but it is 26 years ago. Please note that some of these businesses no longer exist, but I provided a link if there was one available. This show Winter Brides was hosted by Tri...

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