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I Will Be Making More!

I posted this little video on my Instagram and sold the 2 African print Skirts and 2 bra tops.  One you see it I say make the inquiry, appointment, and buy it. I love mixing and matching patterns, colors, prints, it is a new way of looking at fabric.  Here is a good example of the fabrics not being related, but looking as if they are.

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Lorraine's Sexty Skirt

My good friend turned 60....excuse me SEXTY! She gave herself a party. For the party she asked me to create a purple party skirt. The party wasn't only to celebrate her, but it was to celebrate ALL her female friends. Everyone was asked to wear a tiarra and turn up! And that's exactly what we did!... Cover Photo by PPolhill The MC for the evening was Harmonica Sunbeam ( Lorraine was serenaded by Sayonne (

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Home Improvement/Wall Unit Replacement

It was time to make a change the Wall Unit that I had lived with for over 30 years needed an upgrade.  This was definitely a challenge, because wasn't much wrong with the unit, but it no longer served me.  Keita Turner, interior designer, went on a search and found Atlas Industries. They quickly put up the system, almost as fast as the time lapse that I did while they were here.  I marveled at the way the vacuumed as they drilled, which meant minimal dust.  It went up and they were pleased with the out come.  A little from the blog: At the onset of this project, interior designer Keita Turner provided a thorough list of requirements -...

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