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From a Number on a Napkin put into a Bra

I'll begin at this place.  It ended up in the New York Times Style. Lana Turner (featured in Curbed), meets Michelle V. Agins (Photojournalist from the New York Times) at a party.  Lana briefly tells her about her project, Michelle interested takes her number on a torn napkin (Lana doesn't really have business cards).  Michelle puts that number in her Bra....the rest is history and there is more to come.

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ZCo Dance Project Visible/Invisible

Chris Heller (Choreographer) explores being Visible/Invisible through the eyes of the dancers from ZCo Dance Project.  This is a powerful performance and the exploration of how we see people and not see them and our own visibility in the world. Visible/Invisible by Chris Heller Costumes by Cassandra Bromfield Zazel-Chavah O'garra Artistic Director Dancers Nanette De Lillis Jessica De La Rosa Abigail Dias Millie Gonzalez Wendy Ann Powell Colleen Roche Donna Russo

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