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The First Day in Florida

The dress is now in St. Augustine, Florida, teaching lessons of support.  I posted our first night video here Stills of our first night at Peña-Peck house, where the dress is on display. This was the moment I heard my voice on the video.  I had send them videos of myself creating the dress.  I knew they were going to display those video, but it just hit me and I was filled with gratitude. The room was beautifully prepped for "The Dress"  

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The Power of the Needle: Hariette Jacobs

I received the book Black Designers in American Fashion edited by Elizabeth Way, I love finding out how the powerful the needle has been through out history for African Americans. Harriet Jacobs was new to me. She was an escaped slave, seamstress, author, and abolitionist. Her book Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, published in 1861, gives her account of being enslaved and the escape through freedom. Here is a portion of the ad for capture : Being a good seamstress, she has been accustomed to dress well, has a variety of very fine clothes, made in the prevailing fashion, and will probably appear, if abroad, tricked out in gay and fashionable finery. As this girl absconded...

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