ABC...Always Be Creating

I am in creative mode, but I do find it a bit frustrating that I cannot seem to get product to shop quickly enough.....Which is why it's a bit easier to take items uptown to Calabar Imports in Harlem. 

Here is a series of silk organza skirts that I am presently working on.

The fabric is first cut and then patched together in desired pattern.  Then the fabric is tied for the the dying process.

In some designs I will make the skirt and dye it after it is some designs it works better to finish it after it is dyed.

The skirt below is patched with silk organza and and silk satin yellow strips and tied dyed, but after the process, I didn't like the result....back into the dye bath with some extra color.  I loved the result, the deep purple was magical!


The skirt below is currently available at Calabar Imports located in Harlem (2504 Frederick Douglas Blvd)


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