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The Sketchbook Project

One Thursday a friend invited me to The Brooklyn Art Library, which has nothing to do with the Public Library.  It is a completely creative experience. They have over 40,000 sketchbooks on their shelves and 20,000 in their digital library.   The day we were there, they were preparing for a wedding, which was unique because it was a Thursday afternoon....not even after couple, to save lots of money. The staff were great and they answered many questions.  It was a great place to get inspiration and also leave a little of your own.

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A Rock Star Night

 June 10th 2017, Union Docs (, premiered 8 short films, one of which I was involved with.......for me that was pretty cool. Two programs of very strong work; one that enters on remarkable spaces of community and resistance, and another centered on unshakeable duos, odd couples, and partners in the struggle. They began the first part of the program in Sternberg Park aka The Big Park. The second part was viewed at Union Docs.It was an incredible night to watch the creative work of these filmakers. See more about the project here, info about Union DocsMusicThe Dotted LinePC - One

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