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A Collaboration

See ZCO/Dance Project LIVE with costumes designed by Cassandra Bromfield October 16th, 2021 1:30PM Cafe Biba 101 Kent Ave Williamsburg, Brooklyn ZCO/Dance Project (costumes designed by Cassandra Bromfield) is thrilled to announce their FIRST LIVE IN PERSON DANCE PERFORMANCE of 2021! This performance will also be videotaped & shown at a later date. You can be part of the small audience (limited to 20)  Participate in a Q & A with the dancers after the show. The space is open with lots of air flow to provide a safe space to gather. To attend please email

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Into My Life in Maine

This is so exciting Into My Life is going to be at the Camden International Film Festival, September 13 - 16 2018.  Who would have thought a box of wait in 1962, my Mother never would have thought her interest in film would have traveled so far and met with so many great opportunities. This is a great honor to be in collaboration with Grace, Ivana, and Sarah, and and and Union Docs.....PS a BIG shout out to Dijifi who I began converting the film to digital has been an extraordinary experience, that I am so grateful for.

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A Rock Star Night

 June 10th 2017, Union Docs (, premiered 8 short films, one of which I was involved with.......for me that was pretty cool. Two programs of very strong work; one that enters on remarkable spaces of community and resistance, and another centered on unshakeable duos, odd couples, and partners in the struggle. They began the first part of the program in Sternberg Park aka The Big Park. The second part was viewed at Union Docs.It was an incredible night to watch the creative work of these filmakers. See more about the project here, info about Union DocsMusicThe Dotted LinePC - One

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