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When Elaine called me and said her granddaughter was getting married I was so excited.  I met Jackie years ago when she was about 2 years old in a stroller, a day out with her Grandmother....She is just as lovely years later. I snapped this photo the day of pick up and how perfect that the TV character was looking right at her....couldn't get more perfect! The BIG day Funny, a reoccurring theme, check the guy out by Jackie's head. Just like the TV, caught is a gaze of the beautiful bridal party. The Dress was a beautiful silk satin off the shoulder.  The challenge was that low low back and I got it right.  When she text me these...

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The Sketchbook Project

One Thursday a friend invited me to The Brooklyn Art Library, which has nothing to do with the Public Library.  It is a completely creative experience. They have over 40,000 sketchbooks on their shelves and 20,000 in their digital library.   The day we were there, they were preparing for a wedding, which was unique because it was a Thursday afternoon....not even after couple, to save lots of money. The staff were great and they answered many questions.  It was a great place to get inspiration and also leave a little of your own.

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World Bride Magazine

World Bride Magazine  "provides informative editorial content that seeks to motivate a “thinking outside of the box” approach that prepares a woman not just for the wedding day and the honeymoon… but also for the voyage beyond." This magazine is still going strong and you can pick up your copy now, This was back in 2008    

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