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Fort Mose Historic State Park

  Walk to Freedom...Take a moment for some calm. Fort Mose Historic State Park is the site of the first legally sanctioned free African settlement in what is now the United States. In 1738, the Spanish governor of Florida chartered the settlement of Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose, or Fort Mose for short, as a settlement for those fleeing slavery from the English colonies in the Carolinas. Read More here Florida State Parks: This State Park was like heaven. It was peaceful and so beautiful. Thank you to the St Augustine Woman’s Exchange and Peña Peck House who made the trip possible. Music: Epidemic Sound The Bird's World Elm Lake:

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Wicked St. Augustine

We were treated to a tour, from the Woman's Exchange  Wicked Tour. St. Augustine Florida is built on Bootleggers, Brothels, Gambling, and Opium Dens…. When Pedro Menendez de Avilés came to Florida, he brought not only soldiers to conquer, but also women to because they needed the women to cook and clean....and that's not all. The history of St. Augustine does not begin with Mr. Menendez, read about The Timucua, I feel like this city alone could be a series, each season covering a piece of history...there is so much, that I am surprised Ken Burns hasn't done an 8 part documentary, like the Civil War. Anyway some links below to continue the story. Ann Colby Wicked Augustine:...

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Taxi Cab Chef

Our Time in St. Augustine, Florida, was filled with history and new friends. The ride to the airport was no different. I told our driver I saw a lot of people fishing and he too does the same and won't eat any fish unless it was wiggling before he cleans it. His son works on a charter fishing vessel. Before we left Florida Tom gave us a lovely fish recipe. Ingredients: Fish Fillets (he loves flounder) Panko Bread Crumbs Coconut Flakes Jerk Seasoning Egg Wash BUTTER LOTS OF IT! Orange Marmalade. Put equal measures of Bread crumbs and Coconut together in a bowl. Season fish with Jerk seasoning Get your skillet going with LOTS OF BUTTER sizzling hot. Dip fillets...

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