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SSSVEDA day 3 asks the question...Who was your greatest mentor?  On Aruna Evan's video this is how I answered...Hard for me to say who has been my greatest mentor, but I can make reference to Amsale Aberra, a bridal gown designer who passed away this week. She and I never met, so her mentoring came from a distance and a small business conference that her husband spoke at. He talked about how they began the company in the apartment and all that sounded so familiar....because I create in my apartment. They grew the company by taking chances and she became a POWERHOUSE in the industry. Her stylish beautiful gowns were show stopping and there are few women of color in...

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This year I decided to participate in VEDA...and actually it's SSSVEDA.  Which is an acronym for Savvy Sexy Social, Vlog Everyday in April...Well, I thought it was Video Every Day in April.  Undaunted I set out to participate and support my fellow You Tubers. Now what I heard about this VEDA is that it can be stressful.  Well for me it is, but not the video making stuff, it's the watching of all the videos that I want to keep up with.  I can't seem to get to all of them and also work, clean house, be I do the best I can. SSSVEDA was started by....I don't know who, but Amy Ladino has a calender, sign up sheet,...

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New Years Eve Lindsay Park 2017

For years, here at Lindsay Park building #2, we had legendary New Years Eve Parties.  Many of the neighbors, which is a diverse set, would all come downstairs and toast to a New Year.  Each building (7 of them in all) would have their own parties in the community room.  We felt that ours was the best!  Over the years this practice changed and the Community Room fell silent for many years...until now.  For the past few years we were able to get that tradition back and share holders look forward to's safe, children friendly....and gives me an opportunity to practice my skills using Photoshop and Lightroom.  

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