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The last day for VEDA 30 the website says YOU MADE IT! Are you going to continue with video and/or how should #SSSVEDA friends follow along with you going forward?  Well I don't know if I would do it again, it was hard to sustain, the parts I liked was working at being consistent with making videos.  What I didn't like was almost the same thing.  Evelyn from the Internets (pretty big You Tuber) posted how it is hard to sustain this.  So I am not alone. That last day I was in a quandary of what to do and then I as I was running my errands I passed a singer Nadine Simmons, who belted out the most appropriate...

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One day to go in VEDA 29, How has your opinion on video creation changed over this month?  This was a challenge in many ways. Can I do it, who will watch, who will care?  I put myself through the paces and I was encouraged by others to do it do it do it! So I did it....sort of.  I didn't answer any of the questions in my videos, but I did create a video per day.  I will say it was an incredible journey.  I was creative and learned got busy in the technique of doing it.  Loved shopping for music (I like to call it) on Epidemic Sound and Free Music Archive.  These were the results of making...

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