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Skirt Stories: Making Biscuts With GG Rose

Silk Organza Plus Size Skirt She loved her Great Grandma Rose, she was wise beyond her years and youthful beyond her numbers....She just loved her. Many Sundays after church she and GG Rose would bake together.   These afternoons were filled with cooking techniques, family stories and life tips.    This Sunday she decided to wear Rose's favorite color skirt, purple.  When they got into the kitchen GG commented how beautiful her skirt was and she twirled around like giddy little girl for GG to take it all in....."Baby you better take that off if you don't want to get that skirt all dirty...I've got something you can put on while we bake." Rose gave her a weather worn cotton...

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Skirt Stories: Men Are....

Charcoal Black Corduroy and Wool Skirt   Browsing in the bead store is always a euphoric experience.  Everything is shiny, sparkling, and creativity is unlimited.  The woman behind the counter is so accustomed to glassy eyed shoppers, she barely looked up. At the same time male co-worker was on the phone "Well, I think she likes me.  We were having a nice conversation and she seemed pretty nice and I got her number....yeah I think I'm going to see her again....." At that moment a voice over the intercom "HARVEY....YOUR WIFE IS #1"....."OK man I got to take this", and he left the room to take the call somewhere else. At that moment the saleslady looked up with a scowl...

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Hello and Welcome to My World of Skirts

I just opened this cool shop selling Skirts...that's it Just Skirt.  Each skirt will be designed as individually as each buyer.  Using patchwork, embellishments, tie dye and other techniques, each skirt will have a unique touch. Sizes of the skirts range from the small to large and all that is in between.  Stop by often I am adding skirts often, and if you have questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email ( Thank you Cassandra    

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