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Screen Actors Guild Flashback

Ruby Dee Davis The Golden Globes 2021 are coming up this weekend and I am reminded of my Screen Actors Guild Red Carpet moment with a legend. Here is that my re-accounting of that magical night in 2008: It's 5:40 pm and the Screen Actors Guild red carpet coverage is about start. Ruby Dee legendary actress is nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Award. I designed her gown for the event. My red carpet moment begins.Switching between the E Channel and TV Guide (they need to get Joan Rivers back), I watched the inane interviews that reduced everyone to silly school kids at a prom. It was torture. Actors and Actresses exchanged dialogue about staying in shape and stilletos. They...

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50+ Years in the Making

Cousin Charlotte from Virginia navigating the cramped kitchen There was a time when we had a full Stackable Washer/Dryer  in the kitchen.  It's only 14 x 6 but it packed a punch. Then after many years, a lot of saving and the big jump I had a kitchen make-over. Photo credit: Kelly Marshall February 1, 2021 began with a snow storm and a editorial bang.  I was so excited and surprised to talk to Ms. Wendy Goodman from Curbed/New York Magazine.  Based on her acute sense of style and design, I was WOWED that she found her way to my little Brooklyn Oasis.  With A LOT of help from interior designer Keita Turner of Keita Turner Design and Livy and...

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Back in 1999

Back in the day working with The Ground Crew, many stars would come back stage to interview, be seen, see what's going of course Jon Stewart joined in the fun to see what it was like.  This was for Esquire magazine and how excited I was that I was included in the article and also a photo opt.  I wrote a little essay about my experience, here is what I said: A View From the Ground BEHIND THE SCENES WITH HOW ONE GROUND CREWER SEES IT February started out with a bang for me. I was in three magazines, Essence, Brooklyn Bridge, and Esquire! Back in mid January, Michelle (from the Ground Crew) calls me "Cassandra you're in Esquire...

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